Sunday, April 21, 2013

New York Yankees postgame notes after a series in Toronto

The New York Yankees lose the game 8-4 today but they took two out of three in Toronto. The Yankees have been winning series lately and that is the most important thing. If you keep winning series then come September you will be right in a race for the playoffs and that is what you want. 
Ivan Nova started today for the Yankees and was just ok. He wasn’t terrible but he also wasn’t good. He hasn’t been a very good pitcher overall to this point. Girardi said that he thought he threw the ball pretty well but that last inning he pitched was an inning they needed and he couldn’t get it done. Nova said that he isn’t throwing strikes and that is making him mad. He said he knows he can do better then this. He isn’t blaming anyone or anything just not making his pitches is what he is saying.

If you are into the win losses thing then this isn’t a good day for you. Boone Logan gave up a broken bat single to the only batter he faced and took the loss. David Phelps for the second straight outing wasn’t very good. He said he is frustrated and that he is getting behind guys without anyone on base, he just isn’t making pitches and not putting guys away when he needs too.

Travis Hafner tried to bunt on the last out of the game. Girardi said he didn’t have a problem with it. He said if it was a two run game he probably would have had a problem with it but not down four runs. He said they just needed base runners and however they felt they could get on. Hafner had the whole left side of the infield open and he tried to take advantage of it. Hafner also stole a base in this game which was his 10th career. He said it was a milestone joking after the game.

Vernon Wells has reached base in seven straight games. Robinson Cano has reached base in 15 of the 17 games played this season. Girardi said Youkilis is much better and will probably play against Tampa Bay tomorrow.

The Yankees are 3-7 when the other team scores first and 1-7 when losing after six innings.

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