Sunday, May 12, 2013

New York Yankees notes after another win in Kansas City

Andy Pettitte has been very outspoken lately, he had a couple of bad outings and he wasn’t happy. He is very fiery and said things like he stinks and he had no feel for his pitches. He was more realistic tonight though after a good start. He said he probably blew it out of proportion and wasn’t as bad as he was saying. He said he noticed on video in his last start that his arm angle was off and he was able to fix that tonight and that is why the results were better. Pettitte is just a very competitive person and a perfectionist. 
Pettitte was actually better then his numbers indicated. He got charged with a walk but actually didn’t walk anyone. It was a 2-2 count but the stadium scoreboard had 3-2 and the umpires didn’t catch it. That is pretty bad and these umpires are having a tough time lately. I am surprised there wasn’t more argument but what are you going to do. The other thing is that Elliot Johnson reached on an infield hit in the third inning and scored the first Royals run. Pettitte said he was hit in the leg as he ran out of the box. Pettitte said he couldn’t believe he was the only one that saw it, he should have been out. He said the ball was spinning sideways which means it went off his foot but they looked at him like he was crazy and none of the umpires would help him.

Mariano Rivera is 14-14 in saves this season, this was a tough one though. The Royals took good swings off of him and hit the ball hard but he managed to get the job done. This was also the 70th time that he saved a Pettitte win. This was also the first time that MO has pitched in K.C. since the injury.

Robertson had three strikeouts on 12 pitches tonight, that is just incredible. Wells hit his eighth homerun of the season in this game. Wells also ran down the last out and said yes he was sure he would catch it because he was following the swings he was taken and moved a little bit closer to the gap where he thought he might hit it and sure enough he did and was able to run it down.

Joe Girardi had a good line about Pettitte he said everyone struggles it is baseball. He said but when your old or overweight they look at that but he didn’t think he forgot how to pitch or just all of a sudden lost it. I agree, the age thing sometimes is used too much. There are guys that got hurt and they aren’t old, Granderson and Teixeira and sometimes experience helps.

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