Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New York Yankees notes as they are hammered at home by the Seattle Mariners

David Adams made his major league debut today on his 26th birthday. He was released in spring training and then resigned with the Yankees thinking he still had a shot at the major leagues. It turned out to be a good decision as he is now on the team, starting at third base in his first game and going to also see time at second and first base. 
The Cliff Lee trade that fell through with the Yankees and Mariners, he was a central piece in that trade. He has had a long crazy road to get here. He lost 2010-11 to injuries and was hurt again last year playing in only 86 games, he had a back issue in spring training. He said he considered leaving, the Yankees said we like you but this is a business move, he said he thought about leaving but thought this was still the best chance at getting to the big leagues. It turns out he was right and it was a smart move by him.

Joe Girardi said he is going to play a lot and likes that he can do different things with him. Chris Nelson was designated for assignment to make room for Adams on the 25 man roster. Travis Hafner is still day-to-day, nothing has changed with that.

Mark Teixeira still thinks he can be back with the team by the end of this month. He is still just taking swings on the field though. He needs to take live BP, do some sim games and then get into rehab games before coming back. The end of this month seems to be a long shot but we will see in the next week if he is right. If he starts progressing we should have a better idea of when he may comeback.

Kevin Youkilis still isn’t doing much, it seems he may be out for a little while also. The Yankees do have Granderson back and it looks like Hafner will be ok. If Youkilis comes back and Adams is there they have much better depth then they had for the first month or so. It is amazing the Yankees have been able to get to first place and now with guys coming back that can only help them.

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