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The New York Giants 2013 season

The New York Giants 2013 Season

The New York Giants had an awful 2013 season. They completed it last Sunday with a win at home against the Washington Redskins. They won their last two games and seven of their last ten games. That wasn’t a bad way to finish but after being 0-6 it was too little too late.

The Giants had many problems this season; most of it was on offense though. Eli Manning didn’t have a good year at all. He set the franchise record for interceptions in a single season with 27 but it wasn’t his entire fault. He had around half of them on tipped balls. The offensive line was in shambles, it wasn’t good at all and he was running for his life most of the season. There was virtually no running game, which is basically a product of the offensive line. Manning with these things to deal with also didn’t have receivers that were on the same page with him. It is hard for anyone to overcome all of this and still somehow they won seven of their last ten games.

The defense after the first few weeks was very good. Jon Beason came to the team later in the season and is a guy they have to resign. He became a leader on the defense and really turned it around for them. Antrelle Rolle is another leader and a guy who played really well this season. Justin Tuck started off slow but had a really good year. He is a free agent and it will be interesting to see what they do with him. Osi Uminyora was a guy who they really missed having. JPP was a guy who just wasn’t himself and was injured.

The Giants finished the season 7-9, which after their awful start is pretty amazing, but for the Giants it was a terrible year. It was their first losing season since Eli first year, which was ten years ago. Kevin Gilbride retired already and Perry Fewell is getting an interview with the Washington Redskins. I would expect major changes on offense. Hakeem Nicks is another player with all the talent but he just was terrible this year and I can see him not on the team next year. The Giants also desperately need a tight end. It will be an off-season of change for them and will be interesting to see exactly what they will do to address the offense. Stay tuned Giants fans but I expect better days ahead for the team.

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