Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moose is Loose

After 18 seasons compiling 270 wins,7 gold gloves and his first 20 win season this year the Moose is officially going to announce his retirement later this week. Ken Rosenthal of is reporting it, it was also on Ch 4 news at 6 with Len Berman and is currently on the website. I personally expected this and wish Moose all the best in his life after baseball. I am sure he will enjoy his family and have fun out there in quiet Montoursville,PA. I have to ask this now,is he a hall of famer? I will put a poll up on this soon. I will miss Moose personally as I loved hearing his post game interviews, just classic stuff and he really was a class act. I am guessing it wont take long now for the Yankees to sign Petitte to a 1 yr-8-10 million contract and then hope CC and Burnett decide to come aboard. This will be a different team next year, no Big G and no Moose or Very good very good Abreu. Good Luck Moose and all the best.


  1. If it was up to me, I would vote him into the hall of fame. But, I get a feeling that he will come up short. Too many people are going to focus on his lack of WS ring. Also, he was never the most dominate pitcher in the league at any moment in his career.

  2. Yeah I am thinking your probably right. The things to think about are the consistency and that no one in the Hall with 100+ more wins then losses didn't make it. The WS is not always the individuals fault, I mean in 01 they should of won and in 03 they were better then the Marlins so I dont look at that. I agree about not being the most dominant but it is an interesting argument.



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