Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I know everyone is getting really anxious especially Yankees fans. There is nothing you can do, CC is not going to take the first offer, do you really think he wouldn't shop around and as far as Tex,Boras is his agent, we know he isn't signing anytime soon, the Yankees can settle the pitching then get involved with him later on. If the Sox are really interested in Tex do you think they wont be in on that, everyone thinks no way but come on now this is the Yankees. AJ Burnett, the Yankees are not going to offer 5 and 80, sources say they wont go past 4 years and now we hear the Sox are involved, is that just to drive the price up on the yankees?? If I am the Yankees I may say fine if it gets to a point of craziness with him, let him go to the Sox, sign Ben Sheets for cheap and then put the money into Tex, I have been saying this for a while, I want TEX and CC, I dont care after that, I really dont think the Yankees will be beat if they get those 2 guys. The infield will be the best in baseball we can trade damon and put swish out there. Rotation of CC,Wang,Joba,Sheets,Pett and Hughes to back up isn't so shabby especially with our bullpen. I really hope im right about the Tex thing and just everyone relax there is nothing we can do, except wait and see how it all turns out.


  1. The Yankees won't let Boston sign Tex or AJ. If they have to, they will sign both of them to very lucrative contracts.

  2. I would like to agree with that, i think the Bosox are just driving up the price on AJ but Tex i hear they are going to break the bank for him and that could be interesting, of course what are they going to do with Lowell or Youk who knows. I am thinking lets go to 8 176 for Tex 6-150 for CC and give aj 16 million a yr and they are still under the payroll from last year.



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