Saturday, November 22, 2008

NFL week 12

It should be an interesting game out in the desert for the Big Blue. Arizona has the unbelievable duo of Bolden and Fitzgerald with Kurt Warner who is tearing it up. I would think the best way to stop the Cardinals offense is by limiting its time on the field and the best way to do that is for the Giants to use their run game and control the ball. Brandon Jacobs may not play or may be limited which would hurt them but they still have Ward and Bradshaw so the Giants should be fine. I dont have a real good feel on this game but im thinking Giants 28-24. If the Giants do win keep an eye on Panthers at Falcons, if the Falcons can win the Giants would be 2 games up with 5 to play and would look to be in really good shape for that 1 seed i think they will get anyway. The Jets have an interesting game as they try and upend the Titans for the first time. This isn't as big of a game as was last week against the Pats but if the Jets can win they may have a really good shot at the 2 seed which would get them home field and a bye. I am thinking the Titans will probably win at home 17-14. The Patriots play the Dolphins so for the Jets and their fans if they win its a no lose situation, either way they will gain on someone. Did anyone notice TO has finally opened up his mouth and started to complain about the direction of their offense, no suprise here, the Cowboys have all the talent in the world but are just one big soap opera, i dont think they will make the playoffs although they should win the next 2 games.


  1. What did TO say? I am very surprised it took him so long into the season to open his mouth.

  2. He is unhappy with how involved or uninvolved to him that he has been. He states that if the Cowboys goal is to make the superbowl, they need him to be heavily involved otherwise they will never make it. It was only a matter of time,he is just a real problem.



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