Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nick the Swish

Nick Swisher had a conference call with the beat writers at about 5:00PM. He did say that first base is his best position but he is just so excited and proud to be a part of the greatest team there is. He said he just wants to be part of the puzzle and do whatever they ask of him. He would like to play first for the whole year and see what he can do but they haven't talked to him about anything yet. He hasn't talked to CC yet but would love to have him join him in NY and knows everyone will love him and be really excited if he does sign with the Yankees which i still expect. He mentioned that AJ Burnett has electric stuff and would also be a welcome addition. He sounds like a really cool, fun guy and i am sure we will have fun with him around this year. He loves having that short porch to aim for when he is batting left handed. I found it interesting that they didn't tell him for sure he is the first baseman and also that he is willing to do whatever he has to do. Thanks to Peter Abraham of the Lohud Yankees blog and Journal News for having the information and conference call on his site.


  1. Hey cool blog fellow yankees fan. It is cool that swisher seems like a fun guy, i think he is better then he played but he really isn't much more then a extra player, if him and Gardner are both in the lineup the Yanks will have problems. The need TEX.

  2. I agree they do need Tex and i like Swish but only as a platoon kind of guy.



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