Thursday, December 18, 2008

Comments from Yankees Press Conference

CC- "I think it adds an urgency to get back to where this organization is supposed to be." "I wouldn't say its pressure, i would say people will play with a sense of urgency in the new stadium getting back to that. It's definitely exciting. Hal Steinbrenner-"People are excited,that much is obvious." "People are excited about the new stadium. Going out and getting these 2 great guys is going to be exciting too." AJ-"This is a dream come true. Im looking forward to it, its going to be a fun ride." "We are all family now." Cashman-"The one thing that I think today represents is we are going to keep swinging for the fences." Joe G-We got the two gentleman we really wanted,im proud to say they are Yankees. The Press conference was well done,plenty of press of course. I think the two men handled it very well. They both said they care deeply about winning and the Yankees give them the best chance of achieving that year in and year out. They both admitted that the money is good and helped make the decision also. The wives are both very good looking and seemed happy. Serena Girardi-Joes daughter presented them with Roses to get the conference going. CC said he feels good and he appears to be in very good shape. AJ said he has learned how to take better care of himself and thinks he is past all the injuries now. They both said they have great support with each other, wang,MO and Joba and then ARod and Jete. I know everyone is going to get crazy with Manny and Tex maybe going to Boston but even if they dont do anything this helps them get to where they want to get, remember everyone pitching wins, and boy do they have that now.


  1. Last night, I was listening to the FAN and Mike was interviewing both CC and AJ. I really liked what both had to say. AJ believes that the Yankees can win it all in each of the next 5 years. He also said that during the last year, he really learned how to pitch and not just throw the ball as hard as he can. He believes his injury problems are well behind him.

  2. Yeah i think they are impressive young men, lets hope they stay healthy and pitch the way they are capable of. I have heard other people say this about AJ also and i really hope so because that is a dominant rotation if healthy, i mean Wang as your 3rd starter and Joba as 4th WOW.



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