Monday, December 15, 2008

The Miracle Jets

If you are a Jets fan your happy but boy did they get luck yesterday. The Jets dont look good at all and if not for a dumb head coach who was running the ball all day decides to throw and the QB fumbles for a TD to the Jets and the game. The Jets still have a lot of work to do, i dont think anything is a given, they should beat Seattle but they do have to go to the west where they are 0-3 this year. The Jets have to thank there lucky stars for winning yesterday. Brett Favre has to scare you when after the game he says maybe i just dont have the arm strength I used to have while making the excuse for throwing an INT. This is going to be a fun last couple of weeks.


  1. Yes, they were extremely lucky. But, the way that I look at it is like this. Throughout their existence, that was exactly the type of game the Jets would always lose. For once, they were gift wrapped a game that pretty much could have knocked them out of the playoff race. I'm not holding my breath but I still believe they can still do it.

  2. I agree a win is a win and they will take it however they can get it, but for me its more that even if they make it I just dont see them going anywhere, they have gotten worse instead of better. The coach seems to be overmatched at times.



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