Monday, December 15, 2008

Giants in Trouble??

The Giants played another bad game in Big D last night and were beat. I do think they miss Burress but I also think Jacobs has been resting the last 2 weeks to get better and should be back this week and then for the playoffs. I do think the Giants need the running game but also use hurry up or Shotgun to get things going. I think the Giants will come through next Sunday night at home against Carolina. Dallas has to win both of their games to make the playoffs but it would of been nice for the Giants to knock them out. The Giants need to win this game get the 1 seed and not have to worry about that final game.


  1. What is the status on Jacobs? They are definitely going to need him this weekend. It would suck for them to not get the number 1 seed. Despite the last 2 weeks, they have been easily the best team in football this year.

  2. Jacobs is hurt but will play this week. He has rested the last 2 weeks which was smart because it really didn't matter to the Giants, they do sorely need him. The Giants miss Buress but I think Jacobs right now is a bigger factor. I do think they will win this game,they haven't played with too much fire the last couple, but it will be back on Sunday night.



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