Friday, December 19, 2008

Sox out on Tex

This winter seems to just get better for the Yankees and their fans. I wake up this morning and the Red Sox have issued a statement that the are pulling out of the Mark Texiera sweepstakes. I hope this is true and he just signs with the Angels or one of the bad East Coast teams or maybe the Yanks can swoop in and take advantage of this situation. I dont believe anything until its official, this can be a bargaining tool, calling Boras bluff but i think in this case he really does have other teams and offers involved. This is going to get interesting.


  1. I am very happy to hear about this. Of course, Boston could just be bluffing. If they are bluffing and sign Tex, I expect the Yankees to sign Manny.

  2. Yeah im not too excited yet because i agree about the bluffing but i hope not. I expect the Yankees to sign Manny now regardless, it looks like the Angels wont with the resigning of Juan Rivera and i think the yanks will want to stick it to Joe Torre and the Dodgers.



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