Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Notes From Yankees Camp

Ching Ming Wang faced bernie today in batting practice. He said this about Bernie " I left one sinker up high, he hit it far." He said he is feeling no discomfort whatsoever and is throwing all of his pitches. Arod did not talk about any of the stories out today, he did say he expects to meet with MLB investigators in Tampa. He also said it would take 18-24 months for this to blow over. I have no idea where he came up with that, Arod just go out and play well and if the team wins it won't be a big deal. According to Peter Abraham of the Journal News and the Lohud Yankees Blog,Andrew Brackman was fun to watch especially when he was up against Jesus Montero. These two guys are two of their top prospects. Brackman has a lot less moving parts then expected, his delievery is pretty fluid. Xavier Nady is the expected RF but Swisher will get plenty of at bats in several positions. Damaso Marte's hamstrings are feeling better and he was out running around today. I thank Peter Abraham for providing this information on his blog once again


  1. That is great news that Wang is not feeling any discomfort. The Yankees are going to have a dangerous pitching staff this year.

  2. Yeah it really is, him as a 3 starter is scary he may win 20+ this year. I think so too, they have 5 guys who could win 15+ not likely but it is possible.



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