Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wrapping up Arod Day

Tomorrow is the first official full team workout. Derek Jeter will meet the media for what he says is the one and only time regarding Arod. I think he will actually be more supportive then he ever has been, a lot of people are waiting to see. The Yankees and Arod think this will go away and it won't but eventually if the Yankees don't talk then there is nothing they can do. Hopefully the Yankees will get off to a great start and just have a great season. I am really sick and tired of this whole steroids thing and just can't wait for the games to start even the exhibition games so we can concentrate on that. I actually think Arod did pretty well, there are always going to be questions but the bottom line is he has said way more then anyone else has said including Andy Pettitte and Jason Giambi who were forgiven. I said this to someone today and I really believe it that Arod could go out and cure cancer and people would still be killing him over it, he just can't win. The best thing for him is to just go out perform at a high level and win and stay out of the headlines.


  1. Thank you, im glad you do. Please come back often.

  2. The whole steroid debate has bothered me for quite some time. Now that it has hit A-rod, who I think will become the best ever, I'm going to start speaking out wherever I can. First, at the end of the day, sports are entertainment. A lot of people make a great living off of entertaining me and my family, and we pay for it dearly. Whether it is a ten dollar movie ticket, a forty dollar PPV of UFC, or an eighty dollar football ticket, it is still entertainment. If someone wants to juice up his or her body to increase my entertainment value by hitting more homeruns, or more people, or more people harder, then so be it. In A-Rod's case, I get more value from the ten dollar ticket I buy to the royals-yankees game for sure (and so does Mr. Glass). Second, you have to look at steroids, HGH, or any other performance enhancing substance as a technological innovation in the same light as a mizuno fielders glove compared to the pillow that Ty Cobb used, or The Tommy John surgery he was fortunate enough to get that Ty Cobb couldn't (if he needed it). To say that there should be two record books ignores the introduction of all of the other technological innovations that fundamentally impacted the game, and its statistics. How about lighted fields in the early 1900s, astro turf in the 1960s, I can go on and on. Third, steroids are not illegal if a doctor prescribes them. So let the pros use these technological innovations, under their doctor's supervision legally, to increase my entertainment value.



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