Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Training Day 2 Notes

I will be posting some photos later of todays action. I want to credit Peter Abraham of the Journal News and for most of the information. Thank you for your great work Pete. Here we go: The groups of pitchers for today were 1.Aceves,Hughes,Pettitte,Wang 2.Coke,Marte,Tomko,Ramirez 3.Brackman,Jackson,Melancon 4.Clagget,DelaRosa,Hacker,Teixera(No not the first baseman, he came over with Swisher in the trade) Brackman was 270 last yr and is down to 232, he said he just needs to get out there and pitch. Wang threw in the bullpen and felt good, he said when he first started throwing earlier in the winter he felt tightness but that is gone now. He will start running in a few weeks. Brackman was impressive to Molina who caught him and according to Rob Thomson the third base coach who said "outstanding" Joe Girardi wants to carry a long reliever and it wouldn't be beneficial to Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy. The manager said those guys need the innings, he talked to Hughes about this and although Phil would rather be in the majors he will go to AAA and pitch well and be ready when they need him. Pete says watch he will get 10-15 starts this yr in the majors and I agree, someone always gets hurt and Joba will be skipped once in a while to keep his innings down. Posada went through the throwing program today and Joe Girardi watched part of it and said the ball came out of his hand well and "sounded good in the air." Girardi spoke with Arod and said he is eager to start playing baseball. That is a wrap for today, i will post some pictures later.

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  1. Brackman still has a long ways to go with his control. So hopefully these reports aren't getting people too excited.



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