Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring Training Preview

We are now a week away from pitchers and catchers and I couldn't be more excited. Derek Jeter said the other day this is the most excited he has been in a few seasons and I agree with him, we have some pitching and a non statue at first base, no offense to the Big G. I wanted to do a little spring training preview. I want to list what I think the batting order and rotation will be as well as the bullpen. Lineup Damon Jeter Tex Arod Matsui Posada Cano Nady/Swisher Gardner/Cabrera Rotation CC AJ Wang Pettitte Joba Pen Mo Bruney Marte Edwar Veras Aceves Coke or Melancon I think Gardner will win the CF job but Melky had a good winter season and it will be interesting to see if he is motivated and plays better then Gardner. I think Nady and Swisher should stay and will stay and I think Joe G will find a way to work them all in. I would watch for Posada and Matsui to see how they bounce back, if they are healthy then this will be a very good lineup. I think the bench is better with having Nady/Swisher and Melky/Gardner on the bench along with Molina and the backup infielder which will probably be Ransom and maybe Angel Berroa. I think the Yanks finally have the ace they have been looking for in CC and that if AJ is healthy they have the best rotation. I think Tex will make them so much better not just in the lineup but the whole infield defensively because of him. The biggest thing to look for is the health. I also think guys like CC and Tex and Swisher will be the grinders and chemistry guys that will help them also. I hope everyone who is going down to Tampa enjoys and soon enough we will see them in action as they begin grapefruit league play. February 26 is the first game on YES. I cant wait and Lets Go Yankees.

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