Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gardner is the CF

Brett Gardner was named the starting CF by Joe Girardi after todays game. He said the plan is for Melky to be on the team, so if he isn't traded he will be the backup. I think this is the right move, Gardner played so well at the end of last year and this spring, he takes better routes on balls, has unbelievable speed. When he gets on base he just creates havoc, the only thing Melky does better is throw the ball. Melky will have enough chances to play though, he can play LF when Damon gets a off day, or come in late for defense there and if Gardner doesn't play well and he does then he will be back in CF. Girardi said they both played well this spring, and that Melky had a tough year last year but came into camp ready to go. Melky said he was disappointed but will do whatever he can to help the team. I am wondering if he will also announce the bullpen and the utility guy which really isn't a big deal since it is only until Arod comes back then Cody Ransom will go back to that role, more later as it develops.

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  1. Throwing the ball well doesn't win many games. I'[m glad they aren't starting Melky. Hopefully he will get some opportunities to work his way back in the lineup.



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