Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Vasquez trade

There are several things that come out of this trade, first of all the Yankees have a very solid rotation. The 5th starter will be a competition between Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin and Alfredo Aceves. It is assumed that Phil Hughes will get the job and Joba will head back to the bullpen but that isn't set in stone, everything has to be earned in the Yankees world and according to Brian Cashman the GM. Joel Sherman of the NY Post was reporting that Mitre and Gaudin could be trade bait now probably in spring training. The Yankees reiterated once again today that Granderson is the CF and the only way he won't be is if Brett Gardner is the best centerfielder in spring training which I don't see happening. I do think they will get a leftfielder but I have no idea who, I could see Damon coming back now. Brian Cashman said today he will not get anyone big for leftfield but we have heard this before so who knows, I don't see them getting Bay or Holliday but I could see Damon coming back or maybe Mark DeRosa. Here are some quotes from Javier Vasquez: " I am glad to be back, I am excited to be part of the team again. Everyone that knows me knows that I didn't want to leave the first time, I am just happy to be back." He also talked about his 2004 season with the Yankees and had this to say. " My arm didn't feel as good in the second half as it did in the first half. It really was the first time in my career and only time that I felt that my arm wasn't where it should of been. I started getting treatment later then I should have. I went out there every 5 days, I hated not being out there. It may have been my mistake, I didn't say anything." Javier Vasquez is the first player the Yankees have traded for twice since Jeff Nelson. Here are some quotes from Yankees GM Brian Cashman. " He is a tremendous pitcher who has a long career of success and durability, and really the second half of 04 which was poor can't erase the long success he has had as a major league pitcher." Cashman was talking about his 04 season. On Hughes and Joba he said whoever doesn't win the 5th spot in the rotation could go to the bullpen or AAA, I just don't see either of them going back to AAA. On the payroll, " I do have a number and we will be at that number and it will be less then last year. I will continue to look at any remaining piece for the outfield but it won't be a big piece."

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