Monday, December 21, 2009

Jets Review and Giants Preview

The New York Jets took on the Atlanta Falcons at Giants stadium yesterday and to say it was ugly is a understatement. The Falcons just aren't that good of a team and were officially eliminated from the postseason on Saturday night when the Cowboys won. The Jets defense was good as it has been for most of the season. The Problem for the Jets is other then the nice 60+ yard bomb that Braylon Edwards caught for a touchdown they couldn't do much offensively. Mark Sanchez looked like a rookie once again with 3 interceptions and the kicking game failed 3 times in 3 different ways. They missed one field goal, had one muffed snap and had another blocked. How is it possible for all of those mistakes in one game especially a pretty much must win game. I know the Jets still technically have a chance but does anyone think they are going to win in Indianapolis who I really think is going to try and go undefeated or at home against Cincinatti. I think the Jets need too many things to go right and they have to win both of their games. I think for the most part Rex Ryan has done a good job and the quarterback has shown flashes of brilliance but they are both rookies in their jobs and you have to go through growing pains. I know as Jets fans they have been through nothing but misery other then that one glorious day with Joe Namath but at least they are building and look pretty good for the future. The Giants are also in must win mode themselves as they are down in the nations capital to take on the Washington Redskins in a monday nighter. The Giants need to win tonight and their last 2 games against Carolina at home and at Minnesota and have Dallas or Green Bay lose one game to make the playoffs. I guess they still have a chance but it is hard to believe their defense is going to turn it around. The offense is playing great and I think they will continue to play well tonight against the Redskins. I think Brandon Jacobs may have his best game and I think there will be big plays to be made with the receivers. I think the Giants will probably win this game but it won't be easy, I am looking at Giants 28 Redskins 24. I probably won't have a recap tonight but I will have one tomorrow and hopefully it is a happy one. I hope the Giants will take more chances with the blitzing and get to Jason Campbell who has played well but can be rattled.

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