Saturday, December 26, 2009

NFL Week 16

The New York Giants will play almost certainly there last game ever at Giants Stadium tomorr0w afternoon. The Carolina Panthers who are playing out the string will be the opponent and they will be without their starting running back and another back also. They have put their starting quarterback on injured reserve for the remainder of the season. I am sure the Giants are going to have a lot of emotion with the final game and also knowing they have to win their final two games to even have a chance of making the playoffs. If they do make the playoffs they won't get a home game unless something crazy happens. I would expect the Giants to bring a lot of pressure like they did last week against Washington and I don't really understand why they haven't done it all year, but it remains to be seen if it was a one week turnaround or if the Giants have really gotten over the hump and will continue to play the way they did in Washington. I am going to say the Giants will win 28-17. The New York Jets also still have a chance but they have to win their final 2 games and have lots of help. They will be taking on the undefeated Indianapolis Colts in Indy. The question has been if the Colts will play or rest people and nobody knows as they haven't given any indication. I think they will play and want the undefeated season. I think the Jets are in trouble in this game with the Colts winning 24-14. I just can't see them going into Indy and beating them unless they were playing all of their backups.

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