Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some baseball news

It looks like Mark DeRosa will be heading to San Francisco on a 2 yr deal for 12 million. Matt Capps has signed with the Washington Nationals who continue to try and get better while the Mets just sit around and wait. The Mets supposedly are going after Joel Piniero now and waiting for Jason Bay who they believe has no other serious suitors. If I was the Mets it would scare me then that it is taking so long because apparantly he doesn't want to come to their team. The DeRosa signing means he won't be a Yankee and takes a name off of their list for leftfield. I still think the Yankees will get a leftfielder but it doesn't look like it will be a big name. They could still sign Marlon Byrd or get someone like Jermaine Dye who I don't think they will go for. They could sign Reed Johnson or Xavier Nady or Johnny Gomes. I think they will go with one of those lesser guys and be content, they could always make a trade at the deadline if they needed too.

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