Friday, March 5, 2010

Games 5 and 6 New York Mets vs Florida Marlins and New York Mets at St.Louis Cardinals

The New York Mets have split squad games this afternoon, they both start at 1:00PM. The Mets will take on the Marlins home at Tradition Field and play the Cardinals in Jupiter. The big news coming out this morning was that Jose Reyes is headed back to New York to undergo further testing. He apparently was cleared by the doctors in Florida yesterday but the doctors in NY want him to undergo further testing. It looks like he has an overactive thyroid and was told not to do any baseball activities to they figure this out. He will not get the testing done until Monday so he will at least lose these next 3 days and maybe more. I have no idea what this means or if he could be out further but it seems like here we go again with the Mets and their medical issues. In other medical news Francisco Rodriguez still hasn't been cleared to go back to baseball with his pinkeye. I am wondering how long does it take to clear up pinkeye. It is really frustrating for all of the Mets fans especially after last year and it is frustrating to cover this team. It seems like it is always one bad thing after another. Here is the Mets lineups for both games and starting pitchers: Mets Lineup at Home Angel Pagan(CF) Luis Castillo(2B) David Wright(3B) Jason Bay(LF) Daniel Murphy(1B) Rod Barajas(C) Jesus Feliciano(RF) Luis Hernandez(SS) Kai Gronauer(DH) Jon Niese will start for the Mets. Jenrry Mejia, Pedro Feliciano, Bobby Parnell, Ryota Igarashi, Elmer Dessens and Eric Niesen. Mets Lineup in Jupiter Gary Matthews Jr.(CF) Alex Cora(2B) Jeff Francoeur(LF) Mike Jacobs(1B) Fernando Tatis(3B) Fernando Martinez(RF) Omir Santos(C) Ruben Tejada(SS) Shawn Riggans(DH) Fernando Nieve will start this game followed by Bobby Livingston, Nelson Figueroa, Eddie Kunz and Brad Holt. The home game is at 1:00PM on SNY.

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