Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recap and Notes from the Mets Game this afternoon

The New York Mets defeated the Washington Nationals as Space Coast Stadium today by the score of 14-6. Mike Pelfrey got the start and was not sharp. He pitched 3 innings giving up 7 hits and 4 runs with 3 earned. Eddie Kunz pitched a perfect inning. Eric Niesen pitched 1 2/3 innings giving up a hit and 2 runs with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts. Sean Green pitched 1 1/3 innings giving up a hit, walk and 3 strikeouts. Elmer Dessens pitched a perfect inning with a strikeout. Fernando Martinez was the star of the show on offense with 2 homeruns. He ended up 4 for 4 with 2 rbi's. This is the guy the Mets have been looking for and he has been really good this spring. They thought they had a star in the making and maybe now he will live up to his potential. Mike Jacobs had a solo homerun and 2 walks. I think he has a good chance at winding up on the bench but it may come down to him or Frank Catalanatto. Ike Davis continues to impress going 3 for 5 with 2 rbi's. It may be hard for the Mets not to bring him north with them if he continues this. It still is smart though for the Mets to let him get some more seasoning in the minor leagues and if he continues to bring him up in June. Henry Blanco had a hit and rbi and Josh Thole had a hit. The mets prospects are really showing off to the Mets brass so far. The Mets will return to Tradition Field to play the Nationals tomorrow at 1:10PM. There is nothing new with Jose Reyes yet, he will get tested on Wednesday and hopefully will be back by Thursday. I think this may be a problem they can solve with medication but until they say for sure it is scary for the Mets and their fans to think about. It almost seems like last year all over with him and Beltran and Kelvim Escobar, even though they expected it with him. The Francisco Rodriguez issue is still not solved also with the pinkeye. To me that is the craziest one, how can they not know it was pinkeye? How does it take so long to get better?? If you have an answer for me I would love to hear it but I don't think there is an answer.

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