Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grapefruit League Game 3-Cardinals at Mets

The New York Mets will take on the St. Louis Cardinals from Tradition Field at 1:10PM today. Jose Reyes was scratched from the lineup because they saw something they didn't like in a follow up to his physical. He said it is nothing serious and I hear that it has nothing to do with his hamstring. This is the Mets though and anything like this has to be a concern but hopefully it is not big deal and he will be back to action soon. R.A. Dickey will get the start for the Mets and Tobi Stoner, Clint Everts,Sean Green and Jack Egbert will also pitch. Here is the starting lineup for the Mets and a couple of notes. New York Mets: Gary Matthews Jr.(CF) Luis Castillo(2B) David Wright(3B) Jason Bay(LF) Daniel Murphy(1B) Jeff Francoeur(RF) Fernando Tatis(DH) Henry Blanco(C) Ruben Tejada(SS) This will be Jason Bays debut with the Mets, the game will also be televised on SNY. Takahashi has returned to the team after getting his visa issues solved. Francisco Rodriguez is still dealing with pink eye and not with the team. It is amazing to me that even something like pink eye turns into a big thing with the Mets. I meant to mention this the other day but WFAN Mets beat reporter Ed Coleman said on one of the shows that he first saw it and said you have pinkeye and K-rod said they told me I don't have that so don't worry about it. The Mets medical staff can't even diagnos pink eye right. I hope they get this mess solved because if this turns bad like last year, there will have to be major changes made all the way around.


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