Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yankees vs Pirates-Game 1 of Grapefruit League

The New York Yankees opened up their grapefruit league schedule with a game at home against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The game was at 1:00PM but most of you like me are at work and will watch either the replay or DVR of the game later on tonight. Here was the starting lineup and pitchers for the game. 1.Jeter(SS) 2.Granderson(CF) 3.Teixeira(1B) 4.A-rod(3B) 5.Thames(DH) 6.Hoffman(RF) 7.Gardner(LF) 8.Cervelli(C) 9.Pena(2B) Chad Gaudin got the start followed by Sergio Mitre and Alfredo Aceves for 3 of the guys battling for the 5th starter/long man spot on the team. This is the latest the Yankees have had a spring opener since 2005, last year they opened on February 25th. Joba Chamberlain was at the park this morning and he is healthy. He said he slept until 5 yesterday and then went back to bed at 10. He is ready to go for tomorrow. The Yankees also listed 9 players they expected to come off the bench today and they are: C Mike Rivera, 1B Nick Johnson, 2B Reegie Corona, SS Eduardo Nunez, 3B Brandon Laird, LF Colin Curtis, CF Greg Golson, RF David Winfree and DH Jon Weber. A-rod said he has nothing new to day and hasn't heard anything regarding the investigation into the Dr. from Canada. I will be back with some of the game coverage later on tonight.

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