Friday, December 26, 2008

Bye Bye Andy

The story has been going around, first reported by the New York Post and Newsday. It is also now on Peter Abrahams lohud yankees blog. It looks like the yankees are prepared to move on without Petitte even though they haven't pulled the 1 yr 10million offer yet. My question is whats up with Andy, why was he waiting so long to accept or reject the offer? I mean 10million for a 4th starter is a lot of money, and why not jump on it to be in the new stadium like he said he wanted, no matter how you look at it, if he goes anywhere else he will not be viewed the same anymore, the Yanks stuck by him last year through the HGH fiasco and he really owes it to them. The Yankees can just use Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy or Alfredo Aceves for that spot in the rotation or maybe make a trade for another guy. The Yankees with the signing of Tex do look like they may move one or two out of the group of Swisher,Nady,Melky,Matsui. I dont think they will trade Damon because he is a good leadoff guy and in the last yr of his contract anyway and also was a big factor in CC and AJ signing, did a great job recruiting. I think Matsui could have suitors in Anaheim or San Francisco. Lots of teams would take Nady, he is a solid player and is only 29. Melky I think would have to be packaged with maybe Kennedy if you want to trade him. I know Atlanta was interested in Swisher before the Yankees aquired him. It will be interesting to see what the Yanks do, or they can just keep them all and have better depth this year.

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  1. I can't believe Andy is doing this to the Yankees. He made a big fuss about retiring with the Yankees and playing in the new stadium. If he doesn't want to return, then good riddance. Out of the 4 players you mentioned, I hope Nady stays. He is fairly young and has a productive bat.



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