Saturday, December 27, 2008

Preview of NFL Week 17

I will start with the local teams in this last weekend of the NFL regular season. The New York Jets play at home against the Miami Dolphins and their jilted ex QB Chad Pennington. The Jets have to win and then hope either the Patriots or Ravens lose and they will get in. If Miami wins they win the AFC East and the Jets go home, the Patriots then can get in with a win and a Ravens loss. I dont know what to think of this game, i expect the Jets to play hard and think they can win this game at home, but with them who knows. I expect a tight game maybe 20-17 or somewhere in that range. New York Giants VS Minnesota Vikings-This is a game where Minnesota wins and their in and the Giants have nothing to play for. We do know already Aaron Ross is out with a concussion and expect Jacobs to also sit, I think Boss may also sit and expect Eli Manning to come out early and see the first extended action of the season for backup David Carr. I dont know what Justin Tuck will do but I expect if he plays he will see limited action. If Minnesota loses and Chicago wins then the Bears are in, if Minnesota wins then they are in. New England Patriots VS Buffalo Bills-I dont think the Patriots will have a blowout like they did last week, but I expect them to win by 7-10 points. I am sure they will be ready for this game and hope to have a chance to get into the playoffs with a Jets loss and Ravens loss. I am sure the Bills will play hard but our looking forward to the offseason at this point. Dallas Cowboys VS Philadelphia Eagles-This should be a heavyweight fight, even though the Eagles have basically no chance of making it they would like nothing more then to knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs. I think the Eagles may prevail in a very tight contest. The Cowboys win and they are in the playoffs otherwise they lose and they will be out. Denver Broncos VS San Diego Chargers-This game is simple whoever wins is in and whoever loses is out, these are 2 7-8 teams. The San Diego Chargers are heavy favorites and I think they will probably win by 10-14 points. They are much better then their record shows and could be tough if they do make the playoffs. This should be a great game on Sunday night to finish what im sure will be a wild day. The other games matter for seeding if Carolina wins they will be the 2 seed if not they can slip all the way to 5. If minnesota wins they have a chance for the 2 seed. Atlanta is still fighting for the 2 seed also if they win and carolina loses and Minnesota. I will be breaking down all the games and the Playoff matchups tomorrow night or more likely monday when all is said and done.

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  1. Well, as I'm typing this, NE is up 3-0 at the half. The wind is atrocious in this game. It is next to impossible to kick field goals. I'm still holding out hope for Buffalo to win this game



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