Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yankees Catchers Review

Major League Catchers-Jorge Posada is penciled in as the starting catcher at this point. He is progressing well with his rehab and is expected to be just fine, we will see when spring training starts how realistic that is. The Yankees have a great backup in Jose Molina. He did an outstanding job filling in last yr but they just cant replace Jorge Posada's offense. AAA Catchers-The Yankees just signed former Boston backup Kevin Cash to a minor league deal for insurance. He will be the AAA starting catcher. The Yankees also have highly touted Francisco Cervelli slated as the backup here. He is the catcher who got run over last yr in spring training and broke his wrist. He is a very good defensive catcher but no one is sure yet how he will do offensively. He did show some promise when he got back last yr in the last month. AA Catchers-PJ Piliterre should be the starter again this year. The pitchers have talked him up as a very good reciever. He isn't really much of a hitter at all though and I dont know how much of a prospect he is with guys in the lower levels projected ahead of him as well as Cervelli. Kyle Anson should be the backup here. He is an intriguing bat, he had a 367 on base percentage last yr in Single A Tampa. Others To Watch-Austin Romine and Jesus Montero are the two most highly touted catchers in the system. They are both going to start the yr in single A but dont be suprised if at least one if not both end up in AA at some point. Montero has a big bat and most expect him to switch positions at some point due to his size. With Mark Teixera the 1st baseman for the next 8 yrs it takes that position away so maybe he will just stay as a catcher. He has improved alot his defensive skills and it will be interesting to see how he does this yr especially if he gets bumped up to AA. He hit 326 with 17 hrs and 87 rbi last yr. He also had a 376 on base percentage. Romine is considered a good offensive catcher himself, he hit 300 with 10HR and 49Rbi this past yr. He also had a 344 on base percentage.

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  1. How many games do you think Posada will catch next year? I would think he is going to get a lot of rest. I'm concerned that everybody will be testing his throwing arm and steal bases off of him left and right.



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