Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cash gets Cash

The Yankees did make another move yesterday that didn't really get any press. They acquired backup catcher Kevin Cash. They signed him to a 700,000 minor league deal, he will take the role of Chad Moeller last year as insurance in case Jorge gets hurt or Molina. It is interesting that they took him from Boston as Boston right now has no catcher with Varitek a free agent and no one else there.


  1. Congrats on signing a Backup catcher from boston.
    The Yankees are spending like drunken sailors and you the Faithfull will be asked to pay the bill.

    Have you compared the rosters of the Yanks and the Redsox? how do you think they stack up?

    Nice blog
    the Donkey Show.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is always nice to have another fan check in. Yes we are paying the bill for the new stadium but thats fine and I haven't compared them yet. I think I will do that soon on my blog, I think Boston has a very good team, but who will protect Papi,will Mike Lowell recover well? Who is going to catch for them?

  3. Disgruntled Met FanDecember 25, 2008 at 5:33 PM

    Boring!!! It's the same old story the Yankees and Boston buying every free agent they want. I beat if they needed K-Rod they would have bought him too. That's why I hate baseball its so predicable. In the American League, in the past 10 years, you had the Yankees in the World Series 5 times and Boston 2 times. At least the Nation League puts different teams in the World Series every year. I don't discriminate I hated it when the 49ers or Dallas were in the Super Bowl every year. At least the NFL changed the rules and make it more competitive.

  4. What about the Mets they got Krod and then got Putz, they can also get manny now or maybe Lowe. And the Yankees have been in 3 world series this decade 2000,2001,2003. What about 8 different winners in 8 yrs?

  5. It's funny how we have a Boston fan and a Mets fan chiming in with their 2 cents. All I got to say is get out of the way and make room for The Yankees Express. They will not stop until they win the World Series, which will happen in 2009.



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