Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More on Big Tex

Everyone check out the article by Lee Jenkins on Si.com. It is a good article about how Tex should fit right in with the yankees. I hope to know when the physical and press conference will be but im sure we wont find out to after the holidays. The question now is do the yankees make any trades do they say bye to Petitte, what next?


  1. Great article. Tex is going to fit right in. Now, we just have to sign Petitte and we will be set.

  2. Yeah I thought it was a great article and yeah just sign Pet and see about Joba. I wouldn't be suprised with a trade to clear some room, maybe matsui or Nady or Swisher who knows.

  3. Yeah what a day for yankees fans, you guys must be happy.



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