Monday, January 12, 2009

Hall of Fame Vote Totals

Here is how the voting broke down. Rickey Henderson-94.8% Jim Rice-76.4% Andre Dawson-67% Bert Blyleven-62.7% No one else got even close but here are the other notables Lee Smith-44.5% Jack Morris-44% Tim Raines-22.6%-I am suprised he didn't get more support as he may be the 2nd best leadoff hitter of all time. Mark McGwire-21.9%-I am happy about this that he is being affected by steroids as he should. Don Mattingly-11.9% Players are eligible to remain on the ballot for 15 years as long as they recieve 5% of the vote. Those that will remain on next year are: Dawson,Blyleven,Morris,Smith,Raines,McGwire,Mattingly,Trammel,Parker,Murphy and Baines. The New ones for next year are Barry Larkin,Roberto Alomar. I think these are the most notable. Andres Galarraga is also eligible next year.


  1. Maybe Blyleven and Dawson will get in next year since I do not see Larkin, Alomar, or Galarraga getting voted in.

  2. What do you think are the chances of Donnie being voted into the hall of fame by the veterans committee years from now?

  3. Yeah I think they have a good chance next year. I think alomar has a chance though and Heyman likes Larkin of course he was sitting right next to him in studio.

    Donnie, i have no faith he will ever get in, his totals consistently stay low but we will see.



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