Saturday, January 17, 2009

MLB News

The Philadelphia Phillies avoided arbitration with their ace Cole Hamels. They agreed to a 3 yr contract extension worth 20.5 million. The Boston Red Sox owner John Henry and captain/catcher Jason Varitek met in Atlanta for 90 minutes on friday night. Varitek requested this meeting, he would like to return to the Sox and Boston has interest in him coming back but it is unknow if they will be able to come to an agreement. I would guess yes, as he isn't much of a offensive force anymore but he is their leader and without him I wonder how much the pitching would suffer. Tampa Bay Rays senior advisor and former Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer is recovering from a stroke. The stroke happened on December 23 and initially he was having trouble speaking but his condition has improved. He said he will whip this thing, it isn't expected to keep him from his duties with the Rays. The rumors continue to swirl regarding Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher. To this point the Yankees haven't seemed interested in anything that has been offered. I am hoping they keep both as you always need depth but if the right player comes along, maybe a pitcher or CF then they should think about it. The Yanks are at a position of strength here and can be very picky. The Dodgers continue to negotiate with Manny but nothing has changed. The team wants him for a short term deal and he is seeking four years. It is amazing to me a guy with his talent can still be out there with only a month to go before spring training. I know the reason because of his antics but still, this is so amazing to me. It isn't just him either guys like Abreu,Dunn,Griffey Jr,Sheets,Perez and many more. If Pavano can get a deal these guys shouldn't be having trouble. I think they are just going to have to take one year deals perform and then hope the market is better next year.


  1. I can understand the situation with Manny. It is going to be really hard to trust this guy with a multi year contract. Any team that signs him, should offer no more than 2 years. I wonder why Abreau has not been signed. I thought somebody would have taken him by now.

  2. Yes I know, but i still think if it was a different time it wouldn't be like this. Abreu does amaze me, the guy can flat out hit. There are other guys also. I think this is the most players that have been still out there this late into the process.

  3. Yeah it is amazing, its just teams don't want to commit long term anymore other then the Yankees and maybe the Mets or Sox.



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