Saturday, January 17, 2009

NFL Championship Sunday

The Arizona Cardinals will host the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Baltimore Ravens. I so far have been wrong on almost every game so its a good thing I dont bet on these things. I am not inclined to pick anymore but I will say I think there is a good chance for an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl. I don't like the Eagles at all, but this would be an amazing story if they can win it all. Donovan Mcnabb and Andy Reid who have done nothing but win have been maligned in Philly, of course they haven't won the big one. They have been in the NFC championship game 5 out of the last 8 years which is amazing to me. It doesn't always come down to Mcnabb not playing well either but he will always get the blame. This is the great thing about sports, you can bounce back off the mat and change the way people view you forever. I think either the eagles or Cards provide an interesting storyline but the Super Bowl really needs Pittsburgh to win, if its Baltimore that may lose some of the luster although Flacco is a great story. Everyone enjoy the games, i am still upset over the Giants losing but they will be back next year.


  1. I'm rooting for an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl. That would be such a great game to watch. Out of the 4 teams, I just hope Baltimore doesn't make it. I can't stand Ray Lewis.

  2. Like I said i am not rooting for anyone but the all Pennsylvania Super Bowl would be the best matchup, most interesting one. I agree Baltimore is the team no one wants in and yes Ray Lewis should of been in jail a long time ago and got away with it, he is a punk.



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