Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yanks fall to Jays

The Yankees were stymied by Doc Halladay as usual. He pitched a complete game giving up 1 run. A.J. Burnett didn't pitch too bad but had one bad inning where he gave up 3 runs, no help from the umpire and the third run was out at the plate but Kevin Cash couldn't hold on to the ball. The thing is this is a game where A.J. needed to just dominate Toronto and couldn't, the Yankees pitching has been a huge disappointment and the real reason why they are struggling. I know it is early but it isn't that early and if they don't get it together in the next couple of weeks they will miss the playoffs again and that will be very embarrassing. They have a new stadium which they already can't fill and it will only get worse unless the team starts playing the way they should. How can Mark Teixiera keep hitting under 200 and all of the injuries and guys like A.J. have a era north of 5, it just doesn't make sense but it is what it is. I really would hope the Yankees can win the next couple of games and then do some damage on the 10 game homestand and go into June with some momentum but we will see. Derek Jeter hopes to play tomorrow but says it isn't getting any better and he is hoping he doesn't need to miss a couple of weeks or so. Jorge Posada is getting closer to returning as well as Bruney who will throw off a mound tomorrow, if he is ok he may come back pretty much right away. It appears Wang will pitch another game in Scranton but nothing is official right now. He threw 6 shutout innings with 3 hits and 6 strikeouts, he says he feels good and can see the difference, his sinker is now staying down and his velocity is up which is great. I don't know but maybe getting Wang back will get them rolling with the pitching also and Bruney makes a huge difference with the bullpen. A-rod will get better and Tex I assume will eventually just go nuts and not stop hitting the ball. The problem for the Yankees is they can't overcome the injuries and have to hope the pitching gets it going and carries them, Pettitte and CC need to lead the way the next two games and get them big wins and hope it gets everyone else going.

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  1. Gary just wanted to let you know that Yankees Online Magazine was back up and running. be sure to stop in and take a gander.
    Tough loss for the Yankees but I didnt expect them to beat Halladay. Hell I don't expect anyone to beat Roy he is by far the best pitcher in the AL. At 7-1 who is gonna argue that. Take a look at the piece I did on PJ Pilitare and let me know what you think of it.




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