Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Same Old Jets

The New York Jets certainly talk a good game but they can't back it up. Rex Ryan came in as a rookie head coach with a lot of bravado and everyone was digging it in the beginning of the season and especially when the Jets got off to a 3-0 start but since then they have gone 1-5 and unless they can run the table there is almost no chance of them making the playoffs. They have a game next week at New England and they still have to play Indianapolis so them running the table looks highly unlikely. The Jets vaunted defense played great the whole second half but when they needed to make a stop and win the game they couldn't do it. Mark Sanchez has at times looked like the rookie he is but he has also done a lot of good things. It seems like the JEts just find ways to lose. They have had a chance to win every game they have played this season but lose more then they win. I don't believe in trash talking and all of that but if your going to do it you better back it up especially in this town and the Jets can't do that and until they do they will be the same old Jets. They have to regroup quickly and try to get a win in New England with a upset Patriots team who lost to the Jets in Week 2 and also had a tough loss at Indianapolis yesterday. I don't know what to say about the Jets but they better show up and play hard and at least give it a run and give their fans some hope for the future.

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