Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How the Bay signing affects the Yankees

The New York Mets signing of Jason Bay has reignited the Hot Stove and it does affect the Yankees as well. The New York Mets needed to get the ball rolling and did a good job here, Yankees fans will be happy that although no one expected him to go back to Boston now it is official. The reason this really affects the Yankees is this it takes another name off of the leftfield list and Johnny Damon has less and less suitors. I am starting to believe more and more he may end up coming back to the Yankees on a 2 yr deal for around the 14 million the Yankees originally offered him. The San Francisco Giants were have said to have interest but with them signing Mark DeRosa for 2 yrs and 12 million they are out of the running, the Mets are of course out now and the St Louis Cardinals if they resign Matt Holliday which seems more likely also with the Red Sox and Yankees not involved and I wouldn't expect them to get involved. I just don't see where else Johnny Damon could wind up, maybe Tampa Bay but he is not going to get more then a 2 yr deal and he isn't going to get anymore then he will get with the Yankees. I also know the Yankees were very interested in Mark DeRosa and the rest of the leftfield market is pretty unappealing to them so where does that leave them?? The Yankees being the Yankees could always jump in on the Matt Holliday sweepstakes but I just don't see that happening with them being steadfast in staying under their budget from last season. I am also sure they won't wind up with Brett Gardner and Jamie Hoffman as the left field platoon so this leads me to believe that they could work something out with Johnny Damon.

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