Monday, December 28, 2009

The Giants come up small

The New York Giants played their final home game ever at Giants Stadium. They unbelievably didn't bother showing up to the swan song of the stadium. The Giants looked great on their opening drive and then had a touchdown called back because of holding, a couple of plays later Eli Manning converted a third down pass that was good enough for a first down but Mario Manningham fumbled it away. The Carolina Panthers stormed right down the field and kicked a field goal but all the life seemed to come out of the Giants as they couldn't do much else offensively their next couple of possessions and in the meantime their defense couldn't make one stop as Carolina scored everytime they had the ball and before you knew it, it was 24-0. This was a embarrassing performance and the fans let the home team hear it. Tom Coughlin had to be utterly disgusted and I am sure he let his team know after the game. The Giants were officially eliminated late last night when Dallas won their game in Washington 17-0. I am sure this will earn first year defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan a trip to the unemployment line. I wouldn't be suprised either if there were some other changes like the offensive coordinator and maybe Osi Uminyora won't be back like he indicated after the game. I wonder also if the Giants will try and trade Brandon Jacobs. I know one thing for sure they need some good linebackers and they need a new defensive coordinator to clean up this mess. I am going to say in a early guess that Dick Jauron the former Bills coach who was fired a couple of weeks ago will be the Giants new defensive coordinator next season.

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