Saturday, January 2, 2010

NFL Week 17

The New York Giants will play their final game of the season tomorrow afternoon in Minnesota. The Giants would like to win the game to finish the season on a positive note and also have a winning season, they are currently 8-7. The New York Jet on the other hand will play tomorrow night at home against the Cincinatti Bengals needing a win to get into the playoffs. I am pretty sure that the Bengals are going to rest their starters making it much easier on the Jets. I don't see how the Jets are going to lose this game and I don't really see how the Giants are going to win their game. The reason I can't see the Giants winning is because the Vikings will still be playing for a chance at the second seed which is homefield advantage and a bye. I am sure Brett Favre will be coming out throwing the ball all over and the Giants defense just isn't up to the task of stopping anyone. I could see the Giants offense competing and going out with a bang but if anything it will be a high scoring affair. I am going to pick the Vikings in this game by the score of 38-31. I can't see the Jets losing because why would the Bengals play anyone? If the Jets win they will have to travel to Cincy the next week to play them again. The Jets have to go all out and show everything when the Bengals don't have to show them anything and can prepare for them better after they see them up close and personal. I will pick the Jets in this game by the score of 24-17.

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