Monday, December 28, 2009

New York Jets control their destiny

The New York Jets came into Indianapolis yesterday needing to win their final 2 games but also needing a lot of help. They had everything break right for them in the other games and then the Colts lied down for them in the second half setting up a controversial victory. Peyton Manning was visibly upset on the sidelines but said all the right things after the game. The New York Jets will be thankful for the gift they have and now all they have to do is beat the Cincinatti Bengals at home on Sunday. The Bengals won't be playing for anything and if the Jets beat them they will travel to Cincy the following week to play a playoff game so I am sure the Bengals wont bother showing up for this meaningless game to them. I think the Jets will win pretty easily and see them again the following week in Cincinatti. The Jets will take it because in this league their is no backing in, they deserve credit for fighting hard and not giving up all the way to the end and they should be rewarded for it. Mark Sanchez didn't have to do much as the Jets pounded the ball and played good defense which are the staples of the team. The Jets need to keep doing this if they are going to go anywhere the rest of the season.

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