Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mets jump into the free agent pool

The New York Mets needing to make a splash, have agreed to a contract with Jason Bay. This was first reported by Mike Francessa of WFAN and is now being picked up by everyone else. The deal is a 4 year deal worth 66 million with a easily attainable option for the 5th year according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post. The deal is pending a physical and as long as everything checks out ok with the physical will be announced on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I think this is a good move and will definitely help the Mets as he is a good player but he isn't a superstar like Matt Holliday and also the Mets need pitching. The Mets and their fans have to be happy with this move as they are showing a sign of life at least. The Mets and free agent catcher Bengie Molina appear far apart still but I suspect that they will sign him eventually. The question now for the Mets is where do they turn for pitching help. Carlos Zambrano is available as the Yankees talked to the Cubs before obtaining Javier Vazquez and I wonder if they could make a deal happen there. I know Zambrano has makeup issues and has been injured the last couple of years but he would serve as a good number 2 pitcher for this team and allow Mike Pelfrey to become the 3rd starter and slide Oliver Perez down to 4th where he belongs. I would guess just by being healthy the Mets will be 5-10 games better next year but they do need another pitcher and that isn't R.A. Dickey or Kelvim Escobar who they have signed already.

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