Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here is how the Hall Of Fame voting broke down. Andre Dawson suprisingly was the only one to make it, he will join former manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey who were selected last month by the veterans committee. Andre Dawson- 420 votes 77.9% Bert Blyleven- 400 votes 74.2% Roberto Alomar- 397 votes 73.7% Jack Morris- 282 votes 52.3% Barry Larkin-278 votes 51.6% Lee Smith- 245 votes 47.3% Edgar Martinez- 195 votes 36.2% Tim Raines- 164 votes 30.4% Mark McGwire- 128 votes 23.7% Alan Trammell- 121 votes 22.4% Fred McGriff- 116 votes 21.5% Don Mattingly-87 votes 16.1% Dave Parker- 82 votes 15.2% Dale Murphy-63 votes 11.7% Harold Baines-33 votes 6.1% Andres Galarraga- 22 votes 4.1% Robin Ventura- 7 votes 1.3% Ellis Burks- 2 votes .4% Eric Karros- 2 votes .4% Kevin Appier- 1 vote .2% Pat Hentgen- 1 vote .2% David Segui- 1 vote .2% I just can't believe someone would vote for Ellis Burks or Robin Ventura or even worse is Eric Karros, Pat Hentgen, Kevin Appier and David Segui. I mean ok nice players and all but Hall Of Famers, not even close. I just can't belive people would waste their votes like that, it is insane to me.

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