Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yankees projected roster

Wildcard weekend starts in a little less then an hour and spring training tickets went on sale for most teams today. I thought with this in mind that it would be a good time to take a look at the Yankees roster since it is pretty much complete. I am going to start by going through the positions and then I will do the rotation, bullpen and lineup as I think it will be. C-Jorge Posada 1B-Mark Teixeira 2B-Robinson Cano SS-Derek Jeter 3B-Alex Rodriguez LF-Brett Gardner CF-Curtis Granderson RF-Nick Swisher Bench Francisco Cervelli Ramiro Pena Jaime Hoffman Rotation CC Sabathia A.J. Burnett Andy Pettitte Javier Vazquez Phil Hughes Bullpen Mo-Closer Joba-Setup man Dave Robertson-setup man Damaso Marte-lefty setup man Boone Logan-specialty lefty Alfredo Aceves-middle relief Chad Guadin-long relief Lineup Derek Jeter Nick Johnson Mark Teixeira Alex Rodriguez Jorge Posada Robinson Cano Nick Swisher Curtis Granderson Brett Gardner There may be some difference with Joba as the 5th starter and Phil Hughes as a setup man and maybe in the bullpen there may be some other guys who make it like Sergio Mitre or Albaladejo etc but this is how I think it will shake out. It is also possible the Yankees do sign a right handed hitter to play leftfield against lefties and come off the bench like a Reed Johnson. What do you guys think about this team, lineup, rotation etc??? I think this is a very strong team still even without Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui. I think they will be better defensively and pitching wise.


  1. Got to go with Joba in the pen. The great starter experiment should be over. Relievers can often have a much larger impact on a team than a starter not to mention that Joba is lights out as a reliever and barely adequate as a starter

  2. yeah I think that is where they are headed, I think Phil Hughes will be a good 5th starter and Joba will be a great lockdown 8th inning guy and turn into the closer when MO actually does retire.

  3. We should sign Reed Johnson...He's a gamer, whose versatility would be great for the Yankees...I think that Melancon may beat out Boone Logan. It all depends on how spring training goes all the relievers vying for that spot.



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