Sunday, January 3, 2010

NFL Week 17 Wrapup

The New York Giants played their second straight uninspiring game to mercifully end the season. They lost in Minnesota to the Vikings 44-7 and now will begin the offseason. I am sure there will be plenty of changes and it should start with the firing of defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. I don't know if Antonio Pierce will be back but they did miss his leadership at least somewhat even though his play isn't the same as it used to be. Defensive end Justin Tuck will undergo shoulder surgery this week but is expected to be ready for training camp. It will be interesting to see what happens with Osi Umenyora who has been outspoken lately about not being happy with his playing time. I am pretty sure they will keep him around and especially if they have a new defensive coordinator I am sure he will be happy with that. The Giants need some help in the secondary and linebacker. I think they are in good shape on the offensive side of the ball although they may tweak the offensive line and running backs. Eli Manning played well this year and so did the receiving corps, I think Bradshaw was banged up and that didn't help Brandon Jacobs. The New York Jets on the other hand up 27-0 in the second half barring a collapse will head to the postseason. They will take on the same Bengals in Cincinatti next week. I wonder how the Bengals feel about playing the Jets now after getting spanked so bad, the thing is it is hard to beat a team twice and they will be home. The Jets do have a great defense and a good running game behind a strong offensive line. I wonder if they can get on a run because they are the type of team that is built for the playoffs, the problem for them is I don't think they could beat the Patriots, Indianapolis or San Diego on the road.

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