Friday, January 9, 2009

The American Idle Speaks

Embattled former Yankee Carl Pavano spoke to reporters day in Cleveland and had some interesting things to say. "When your down you expect your organization to pick you up, not kick you when your down. I've had to pick myself up quite a few times over the last four years. "To make it 8,10,12 years in the league you have to be a pretty motivated person." Is this guy serious he was paid 39.95 million to make 26 starts. How could he complain about the Yankees at all, the organization didn't do anything to him, the fans and media criticized him but how could they not. I just can't believe this guy, he is amazing. I wonder if the Yankees will be firing back at him. Here is more from the American Idle- "I've been through surgeries I thought I wouldn't come back from,I have won a world series, been to the all star game. I have been at the top of the game and the bottom of the barrel. I don't think i could be any more motivated then I am right now." "A lot of the offers I got wanted me to come to camp and make the team, not that I thought I was above that but I didn't want to be looking over my shoulder. There is some risk on me and I understand that. I failed in New York and the perception wasn't that great and I understand that. To have a team like Cleveland step up to the plate,how can I ask for anything more? "I expect to turn a corner this year. I'm not the first guy who has had injuries in his career, i believe in my ability to be a sucessful starting pitcher and successful teammate. The possibility of him facing the Yanks in the Yankees home opening series and Stadium opening series is intriguing, here is what he has to say about that. "That would be exciting, there would be a lot of irony in that. I have been blessed with some incredible things I have seen and been given through baseball and I appreciate it everyday. "New York is a great place to play, there is no reason for me to focus on what happened to me because it is all behind me, I'm not holding any grudges, im moving forward. This is amazing to me, this guy should be lucky to have a job at all, how can he say he didn't want to accept a non guaranteed contract, I hope he pitches against the Yanks and they boo the heck out of him, and we bomb him, like 10 runs in 5 innings or something like that. I just can't believe he really had this much to say, its just amazing.


  1. Remember during Pavano's first season when he was hit in the head with a line drive? I think he may have suffered some brain damage. That is the only explanation I have for those quotes he made.

  2. Yeah I guess so, but this guy makes me sick, its unbelievable he would say anything. He is lucky he got a guaranteed contract at all,he should of only got spring training invites and see if he could make it from there, he is just scum, i hope he pitches in the Stadium and the crowd just gives it to him and he doesn't pitch the rest of the season because of it.



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