Monday, January 5, 2009

Yankees First Base Review

The Yankees have Mark Teixera penciled in as the everyday first baseman. Nick Swisher could also see some time over there but probably not a whole lot. Jorge Posada could play first in a pinch but he should not be over there much at all unless something seriously goes wrong. AAA-Juan Miranda should be the starter here with Shelly Duncan,Chris Malec,Eric Duncan also possibilities. Most likely Chris Malec will be in AA. AA-Cody Ehlers should be the starter with Chris Malec also here. In the lower levels Brandon Laird is one to watch, he actually had a higher slugging percentage then Jesus Montero in Charleston last year. The Yankees really dont have much depth here as you can see and thats why I thought all along they had to sign Big Tex. I like Juan Miranda and Shelly Duncan but not as everyday players. Laird is too far away at this point and the other guys aren't really much of prospects.

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