Thursday, January 8, 2009

Andy Pettitte

I posted something on this a couple of days ago, but I see everyone is talking about this topic. My opinion is that Andy is really being a real jerk. He said at the end of the year to the New York Times, its not about the money anymore and the Yankees know he isn't going anywhere. I just dont understand what he is doing here. If he really has these other offers then go ahead and take them, but I dont see any being offered. I think he feels he is worth more but he has to remember that he took the 16 million and then told everyone about his HGH use. It seems to me that Andy isn't so honest after all. I still think ultimately he will just end up signing with the Yankees but he better decide soon. I still think the Yankees can get by with Hughes taking that spot but we do have to remember Joba is in the rotation and will be on an innings limit and Hughes will be too if he is in the rotation. They are having a good discussion on this over at If you go to the comments section under the Pettitte post you will see the discussion going on. I would like to see a discussion on here about this, lets see what we can come up with.


  1. The Yankees should just give him a deadline. Take or leave it. If he declines, take a hike. Even if he comes crawling back, tell him, "No. You had your chance."

  2. Yeah I agree its ridiculous, i just dont get what he is trying to do here.



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