Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mangini gets another gig

It didn't take too long for former Jets coach Eric Mangini to land on his feet. The Cleveland Browns hired him as their head coach for 4 years. It also looks like Romeo Crennel may stay on as an assistant, since they are friends from their days in New England together. In other news for the Jets,Brett Favre says he won't decide for at least a month if he will retire. I hope he doesn't drag it out again. Adam Pacman Jones was released by the Cowboys today.


  1. Favre better not drag this out again. I do not want a repeat of last offseason where ESPN turned into the Brett Favre network. He should just pack his bags and leave

  2. Yes he should, he has had a great career and its just getting worse the more he comes back,just end it now and let the Jets move on.



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