Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The American Idle

I guess as long as you have a pulse someone will give you a chance. Carl Pavano signed a 1 yr contract with the Cleveland Indians for 1.5 million with 5.3 million in possible incentives. I wonder what those incentives are, boy that is a good agent, and I wonder if he will pitch against the Yankees in April when Cleveland opens up in the New Yankee Stadium. I am sure the fans will really razz him if that does happen. This country is really an amazing place, there is always someone dumb enough to give you a chance,I mean the guy pitched what 30 something times in the last 4 years.


  1. He will never pitch at the new stadium. He will probably come up with some injury

  2. Yeah your right, what am I thinking, he doesn't have the you know whats to show up in NY and let them boo the heck out of him.



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