Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Andy Petitte

Andy Petitte has decided to reject the Yankees 1 yr 10 million offer. There is now no outstanding offer on the table from the Yankees. I say goodriddens, if he thinks he can make more somewhere else, then go right ahead. He was 14-14 last yr with a 4.5 ERA. He just isn't worth that much anymore. Franchise Phil can be the fifth starter and the Yanks will be fine. Andy really owed it to the Yanks after putting them through the whole HGH scandal last year. This does not mean the Yanks are done with him or he is done with the Yanks but it seems less likely now and it was becoming more unlikely anyway. I would love to see what he can get out there, and watch if he cant get at least what the Yanks gave he would come crawling back, and then if I were the Yanks I would make him take even less. This is being reported on yankees.com and mlb.com


  1. He is insane if he thinks that he can get more money than what the Yankees are offering.

  2. Yes he is, this one I just dont understand. I dont know what he is trying to do here, he owes it ot the yankees.



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