Saturday, March 7, 2009

New York Mets Recap

The New York Mets were defeated by the Washington Nationals today by a score of 7-5. Gee pitched 2 hitless innings with 1 walk and 2 strikeouts. Sean Green went 1 inning giving up 1 run on 2 hits and 1 walk, 1 strikeout. On the offensive side Daniel Murphy went 2-3 with 2 walks. Nick Evans went 1-5, Bobby Kielty went 2-3. Johan Santana threw before the game and said he felt fine, no problems and he should get into a game soon and be in line to go opening day. In other news though Mike Pelfrey apparently strained his leg and you are hearing the injury is anywhere from a bug bite to a fracture, if he is hurt bad and will miss significant time this is a big blow to the Mets who I feel don't have great starting pitching as it is other then Johan, they don't know how John Maine is going to bounce back and Ollie Perez is up and down and who knows what the fifth starter will give them. The Mets will play a split squad tomorrow, one of the games against the Nationals away and the other at home against the Michigan Wolverines.

New York Yankees Recap

The New York Yankees were defeated by the Atlanta Braves by a score of 3-1 today in Tampa. Chien-Ming Wang got the start his second of the spring and pitched well, he pitched 3 innings giving up 1 run on a solo hr, 3 hits, 0 walks and 2 strikeouts. He threw 33 pitches 27 of them were for strikes. Brett Tomko pitched behind him going 3 innings giving up 3 hits and 1 run with 0 walks and 3 strikeouts. Phil Coke pitched an inning giving up 1 run on 2 hits. On the offensive side of things Hideki Matsui had 1 hit but was hitting the ball hard. Big Tex had a hit and Cody Ransom also had a hit. The Yankees will travel to Lakeland to face the Tigers tomorrow with AJ Burnett making his first start. Hideki Matsui will make the trip and play in back to back games for the first time this year. Jorge Posada threw today before the game and came out of it fine, he may throw to the bases Monday and could catch in a game by next weekend. Damaso Marte threw a scoreless inning today for the Dominicans in the WBC who by the way were upset by the Netherlands, yeah I can't believe it either and Sidney Ponson pitched well for the Netherlands. Robbie Cano dont ya know was 1 for 5. Derek Jeter of course was 2 for 3 for Team USA who defeated Canada 6-5 in a nailbiter.

Other News from around the sports world

I forgot to mention this earlier but if anyone cares Team USA takes on Team Canada today at 2:00pm in the World Baseball Classic, the game is on MLB network. Manny gets to be Manny for at least another year with Joe Torre, I don't know about anyone else but the Dodgers are definitely in the mix to make the World Series with him back, anyone thinking Yankees Dodgers in the Series?? How about the Jets and Giants jumping right into the free agent pool right away. The Jets getting a couple of the new coaches ex players, the big problem for them is as good as the moves are who is the quarterback?? The Giants on the other hand have a ton of depth on that defensive line, remember they are also getting Osi back who missed the whole year last year, if Plaxico doesn't go to jail he will be back also, does anyone think the Giants aren't the best team in the NFC and have a great shot at getting back to the Super Bowl?? That story about the NFL players who went missing on a fishing trip and only one survived. This is just a sad tragic story. I can't imagine being that one who survived and watching my friends float away to their deaths. The Rangers seem to have a lot more life since they fired their old coach, made a couple of trades adn brought NHL badboy Sean Avery back, could they make a run in the playoffs if they get there.

New York Mets Notes and Recap

The New York Mets defeated the St Louis Cardinals by a score of 5-4 yesterday. Jon Niese got the start going 2 innings giving up 2 runs, 2 hits, 2 walks and 2 strikeouts. Duaner Sanchez pitched a scoreless inning but gave up 2 walks. On the offensive side Luis Castillo had a hit and a walk, Jose Valentin trying to hang onto his career went 3-4 continuing his hot hitting, Daniel Murphy went 1-5 and left 6 men on base. Brian Schneider went 0-2. Johan Santana is scheduled to throw a bullpen today, the Mets play at home against the Nationals today. Dillon Gee gets the start for the Amazings. He is a well thought of kid. The Mets have had a pretty quiet camp and hope it continues, they have a ton of guys that are gone for the World Baseball Classic and not too much competition for spots going on, the biggest story is Johan Santana and that doesn't seem to be much of a story anymore.

Spring Game 11: Braves at Yankees

The linups are posted below with a lot of other information courtesy of Peter Abraham. CC looked good yesterday, Wang gets his second start today and AJ his first tomorrow followed by Andy Pettittes first start. Hideki Matsui will play today then take the trip to Lakeland to play the tigers which will be his first back to back games, the reason Jorge and Hideki can't be in the same lineup right now is that they both are dhing, look for Posada to start catching in about a week or so. I don't know why Cody Ransom is at short today, i think I would play him at third every game but im not the manager. Melky gets a chance today in CF but I think Gardner pretty much has the job wrapped up. Phil Coke will also pitch today, the game will be on the YES network at 1:00pm and also wcbs 880 radio in NY. I don't understand why the TV and radio are carrying the same games myself but it is only spring training and for anyone complaining just check out this blog as well as others for all the information you need. Everyone enjoy the game, I will be out but will post later on about the game, it will also replay at 7 for anyone who is going to miss it this afternoon. Spring Game 11: Braves at Yankees Posted using ShareThis

Friday, March 6, 2009

New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers

The Yankees finally got another win tonight in Tampa beating Detroit 7-3. CC Sabathia made his debut and gave up 1 unearned run in 2 innings of work. He gave up 2 hits with 2 strikeouts. Alfredo Aceves vying for the long relief spot pitched 2 2/3 innings giving up 0 runs on 1 hit with 1 walk and 1 strikeout. Jose Veras pitched 1 inning with 1 walk and 2 strikeouts and Dave Robertson pitched a perfect inning striking out the side. On the offensive side Brett Gardner had a hit, he also made a nice catch in CF. Johnny Damon had a hit and rbi, Nick Swisher had a walk and a rbi. Jorge Posada had a hit, Cody Ransom had a hit and two stellar defensive plays at third base. Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero the 2 top rated prospects in the system each had a hit. Brian Cashman stated that as of right now surgery is not scheduled for Arod but that he is staying in Colorado for the forseable future. I am thinking they are keeping him there for a few more days to let him work out and the Dr. can watch him to see how he responds. I am guessing we should know by the middle of next week for sure if he will play or have the surgery. It looks like the Yankees are trying to get as much information as possible about this and not rush into a decision, I think arod will try and play through it but we will see, Cash has not had any contact with other teams about a trade.

New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers

The lineup for tonights game is Gardner(cf) Damon(lf) Swisher(1b) Posada(dh) Duncan(rf) Ransom(3b) Molina(c) Berroa(2b) Pena(ss) CC Sabathia is scheduled to throw 35 pitches or about 2 innings. He will followed by Alfredo Aceves, Jose Veras, Steven Jackson, David Robertson and Anthony Claggett. Hal Steinbrenner, Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman had a meeting earlier today. Hal said of course everybody is concerned. He said several times there is no new information. The reason Gardner is leading off and not Damon is because Joe G said that is what he will be doing in the season either him or Melky batting ninth. The Yankees seem to have changed their stance a little since yesterday regarding Alex, they said Arod needs to make a decision and basically its up to him and his doctors. He did hit in a cage and was throwing in Colorado today, the sense that Peter Abraham of the Journal News and is that Alex is going to have the surgery maybe as early as next week, that the Yankees are fearful of him playing and then he hurts it more and has to come out of the lineup and have the surgery. I am guessing we may know by Monday for sure, if he does have surgery they have the month of March which is free basically and maybe he will recover quickly and be back by June but who knows, or maybe he has a high threshold for pain and can make it through the season. I am sure we will be talking about this more in the coming days, I am planning on having an all Arod post maybe as early as tomorrow, since I have a lot of thoughts and I want to get them out there. Meanwhile to tonights game CC is the focus, we will see how Posada does of course and Swish getting some time at first will be good. Cody Ransom will probably be playing third base everyday now and lets see how he does. Shelly Duncan is always fun to keep an eye on as he trys to get back on the 40 man roster.

New York Yankees Thoughts

The New York Yankees will take on the Detroit Tigers from Steinbrenner Field in Tampa this evening. It will be CC Sabathias first start for the Yankees and now all the starting pitchers are in line as we head towards April 6, opening day in Baltimore. Hideki Matsui got into his first game yesterday as DH and will probably play a lot now. He says he wants to play everyday but they will probably keep him away from long road trips. The bullpen looks pretty good so far and MO threw for the first time yesterday and the plan is to get him into a game around March 17. The Arod stuff will continue but right now it is just wait and see as he rests and rehabs for the time being. I have no idea when he will play a game again and I don't think they even do at this point, the interesting thing is when he plays they may limit him to DH then what do they do with Matsui?? Jorge Posada should be catching by then and hopefully it all goes well with that. I am not overly concerned at this point because I believe the strength of the team is their pitching all around and will continue to be. I will have lineups and updates later on as once again this is a night game, no tv and I dont think its on radio either.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cashman audio from today

Arod is the big story of the day and below I have the link to the Cashman audio on that. The Yankees are going to try and nurse him through it and I think that is the best move right now since he hasn't been bothered by it and it hasn't affected him. They have to keep a close eye on it and Alex has to be honest with them about it. The Yankees ultimately are going to win or lose by their pitching though even though if they lost Arod for a significant period it would hurt them. Joba did not get out of the first inning today giving up 5 runs on 4 walks, 1 hit and a wild pitch. He said afterwards that he felt fine and no worries but how long can this last before everyone panics?? If this continues would Phil Hughes get a shot and Joba back to the pen?? The good news from today is that Mariano Rivera threw his first bullpen of the season and felt fine and said he will be ready for opening day. It will be interesting to see what the Yanks do with Arod, how long will he be out but at least for now they don't have to worry about the steroids scandal. Cashman audio from today Posted using ShareThis

Spring Game 9: Team Canada vs. Yankees

Joba gets his second start and lets see if its any better then the first, people are freaking out over his first start but no need to worry. Get used to this kind of lineup even more with word that Arod may be out 10 weeks for hip surgery, don't jump off the bridge yet, lets wait for confirmation and remember the yankees have the pitching that should win them most games. I like the idea of playing small ball, pitching and defense that wins championships remember. Hideki Matsui makes his first appearance of the spring today which is good. The other thing to remember is if he is healthy and Posada, Cano bounces back and Tex, the offense is better anyway even without Arod. Spring Game 9: Team Canada vs. Yankees Posted using ShareThis

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New York Mets Recap

The New York Mets lost to the Washington Nationals today 6-4. Mike Pelfrey got the start going 3 innings giving up 5 hits and 3 runs with 1 walk and 3 strikeouts. Livan Hernandez went 2 2/3 innings giving up 5 hits 3 runs with 3 walks and 1 strikeout. Duaner Sanchez pitched a perfect inning. Angel Pagan had a hit on the offensive side, Tatis had a hit and a rbi and Ramon Castro had a hit and 3 rbi. The Mets will take on team Italy at Tradition Field tomorrow. The big news of the day for the Mets was that Johan Santana threw a 42 pitch bullpen session today and felt fine, they say there is no need for a MRI and Santana says he still wants to pitch opening day.

Recap of Todays Yankee Action

The Yankees lost 3-2 to the Atlanta Braves at Disney. Ian Kennedy started for the Yanks and pitched 3 innings giving up 2 runs on 3 hits with 1 walk. Dan Giese also pitched 3 innings for the Yanks giving up 1 run on 2 hits with 1 walk and 3 strikeouts. Andrew Brackman pitched a perfect inning and Mark Melancon gave up a hit with 0 runs in his 1 inning. The offensive side not much happened Johnny Damon had a triple and a rbi, Nady and Berroa both had hits. The Yankees are still waiting word out of Colorado about Arod who is undergoing an exam as I speak. Mariano will throw a bullpen tomorrow for the first time. Jorge Posada went through his throwing program today and appears to have gotten over that little setback he had the other day. Starting tomorrow the Yankees starters will go in line, Joba up first followed by CC,Wang,AJ,Pettitte. Joe Girardi said that the long man candidates Tomko,Giese and Aceves will continue to get innings. You would think that Hughes and Kennedy will be reassigned to the minor league complex then so they can continue on a regular rotation. Phil Coke will also get work, the Yanks envision him going anywhere from 1 batter to 2 innings. I am calling him the left handed version of Ramiro Mendoza. The Yankees will take on Team Canada tomorrow at Steinbrenner Field. I will be back later when I hear anything on Arod.

Spring Game 8: Yankees at Braves

Ian Kennedy gets another shot at keeping pace with Hughes to try and be that first guy called up if needed. Brackman and Melancon will be pitching today and all eyes are always on these guys, so far Melancon looks to be doing real well and may be in line to come out of spring training with the team. I really like this Damon, Gardner tandom at the top of the order. The lineup is ho-hum again with Jeter,Cano and Arod missing. It is a real chance for one of these guys to stand out for the utility role, i would think Ransom is the frontrunner for that. Tex,Posada,Matsui didn't make the trip, I would expect Matsui in the lineup in the next couple of days. This whole Arod thing is crazy, he was praising Jose Reyes yesterday and that is it and now the media is trying to make it into him dissing Jeter and Damon which he did not do. This guy just can't say anything Spring Game 8: Yankees at Braves Posted using ShareThis

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arod could miss WBC

Jack Curry of the NY times is reporting that Alex Rodriguez has a cyst on his hip and this could prevent him from playing in the WBC. The Yankees apparantly knew about this but he was cleared by the team doctor to keep playing. This is really not a serious thing, im sure though people will say its because of steroids or whatever. He is scheduled to fly to Colorado tomorrow to see a hip specialist and then more information will be available. The New York Yankees statement can be found at via Peter Abraham.

New York Mets/ St Louis Cardinals

The New York Mets got spanked today by the St Louis Cardinals 15-4. Freddy Garcia got the start and looks to be done as he didn't fare well once again going 2 innings giving up 4 runs on 3 hits with 1 bb and 3k's. He gave up 2 homers. He was the only Met pitcher of note. On the offensive side of things Luis Castillo went 0-3, after a hot start he has cooled off, Daniel Murphy went 1-3. Angel Pagan who is having a great spring again trying to make the team went 1-1 with a bb and 2 rbis. Ryan Church went 1-2 with a walk. The Mets will take on the Nationals tomorrow in a away game. The other news out of Mets camp today was Darryl Strawberry said that he would of used steroids if they would of been as prevalent when he was young and stupid. He said he loves Arod and that he is glad he stood up and admitted it. He said its not fair to pick on one guy and that he is taking the bullet for everyone, that should be enough for him.

Yanks Vs Team USA

The New York Yankees took on Team USA today in Tampa. It doesn't really matter and I am sure no one cares but this game didn't count in the grapefruit league standings and the stats don't count. Derek Jeter took on his team and had a 2 rbi single against Phil Hughes to knock him out of the game. Phil Hughes looked good pitching 2 2/3 innings giving up 3 hits, 2 of them were bloopers and even jeters hit was basically a seeing eye single. He seems to have his fastball back to where it should be and his curveball looked great today. He walked none and struck out 2. He did hit a batter again but it barely skimmed him, he is obviously throwing inside on 0-1 counts and his control will get better but like I said he has barely hit these guys. Phil Coke pitched great today throwing 2 1/3 innings of 1 hit, o run ball. He had no walks and 2 strikeouts. I don't see how there is any chance that Coke won't be in the bullpen for this team to start the year. You have to remember these guys were basically facing a all star lineup that was in the game the whole time, no scrubs on Team USA, they faced Jeter, Pedroia,Chipper Jones,Youkilis,Adam Dunn,Wright etc. Eric Hacker was the only Yankee pitcher that didn't pitch well, he had a terrible day not recording an out and giving up 4 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks. Mike Dunn pitched 1 2/3 innings giving up 0 hits, 1 walk and 3k's followed by David Robertson who pitched 1 1/3 innings of no hit ball with 1 walk and 2k's. Jose Veras finished it off pitching 1 inning with 1 walk and 2 k's. The Yankees did lose the game 6-5. The offense side of the ball little brett gardner really wants to be the CF going 3-3 with a sb, Jorge Posada continued his hot spring going 2-3 with a rbi. Cody Ransom in his bid for the utility infielder role went 2-3. Nick Swisher was 1-2 with 2rbi and Nady was 1-3 in the battle for RF. The Yankees travel to Disney tomorrow to take on the Atlanta Braves, Ian Kennedy will get the start.

Spring Game 7: Team USA at Yankees

Phil Hughes will have a nice test here today against team USA. He may go 3 inning as this is his 2nd start. It is interesting to have damon and gardner at the top of the order, should be a lot of running, hit and run, bunt. Derek Jeter against the Yanks what a weird site, he will get a big hand when he is introduced. Lets see today if Gardner answers Melky back today with another good day of his own. Nady gets a chance to show what he has after Swish had a nice running catch in RF yesterday. Phil Coke gets another shot to prove himself but I don't see how he won't be in the bullpen this year. Spring Game 7: Team USA at Yankees Posted using ShareThis

Monday, March 2, 2009

Arod and Family

Here is Arod holding his daughter Natasha and his ex Cynthia with both daughters today in Jupiter, Florida. Arod caused a stir by being the only player with his family there and other players seemed bewildered. It is funny how he just can't seem to get the attention away from him no matter what, oh well that is the life of Arod. The girls are really cute and the mom isn't bad herself, I don't know why Arod wanted to run to Madonna but thats his business.

CC and Joba and other Yankee Notes

Here are CC and Joba at Disney on Sunday. They took part in ESPN's the weekend. Joba also brought a family with him and paid for everything. These two guys seem like very good friends already, Joba actually befriended CC in 2007. I know its early but you really get the feeling this team is really meshing well.

As for some notes from the game today, the Yankees and Astros tied 5-5. The Yankees were up 5-2 and then the backups gave up 3 runs and some sloppy play in the field to get to the tie. The important parts of the game were the Chin Ming Wang threw 2 scoreless innings and felt great, the foot is not an issue at all. He said the sinker was up a little but that is usual for this time of year. Melky fought back today in the CF battle with a rbi triple and a rbi single. Jorge Posada was back in action and had a rbi single which is a good sign.

New York Yankees News

CC Sabathia threw 28 pitches in a simulated game this morning to Hideki Matsui and Kevin Cash. Only 2 were put into play a single and groundout. CC said he feels fine and he is getting enough work, he will make his first start on friday. He threw 19 strikes and his fastball seemed to be where it needs to be. He was working on his cutter which is usually the last pitch to come around for him. The Yankees also announced their rotation for the next 8 days: Today:Wang Tuesday:Hughes Wednesday:Kennedy Thursday:Chamberlain Friday:Sabathia Saturday:Wang Sunday:Burnett Monday:Pettitte It was also announced today that Latroy Hawkins will take Joe Nathans place on Team USA's roster for the WBC. Latroy was let go from the Yankees after a miserable start and also trying to take Paul O'neill number 21, the fans didn't like him wearing that number too much.

Spring Game 6: Yankees at Astros

Here is the lineups and pitchers via Peter Abraham. This is the kind of lineup you can get used to seeing for at least the next couple of weeks as 3/4 of the infield is gone. Tex didn't make the trip today, so the yankees don't have any of their infield playing today. Jorge Posada is back and will do some long tossing before the game. CC is throwing about 25 pitches in a simulated game today, this is Wangs first start since leaving a game last June with an injury. It will be good to see him back on the mound. Brett Tomko will pitch after him, could he win the long relief job? So far he is the only one who really pitched well, lets see if he keeps it up today. It will be good to see more of the prospects get playing time like Austin Jackson and Austin Romine. The guys who are playing the infield today are all vying for the utility role on the yankees. Juan Miranda is probably trying to show off for another team now that the Yanks have Tex. Melky better do something today as Gardner is really showing he wants to be the CF. Spring Game 6: Yankees at Astros Posted using ShareThis

Alex Rodriguez Off To Dominican Team

Alex Rodriguez met with MLB investigators last night in Tampa for two hours. He was cooperative according to a MLB press release. He was expected in Jupiter last night and will work out with the Dominican team today in preparation for the start of the WBC. The WBC is starting on thursday and will be covered on the MLB network.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mets Defeat Houston

The New York Mets had a field day today with the Houston Astros defeating them 13-1. Carlos Delgado went 2-3 with 3rbis, Wright went 2-3 and Beltran went 2-4 with an rbi. John Maine went 2 innings giving up a run on 1 hit and 2 walks. JJ Putz and Feliciano followed with scoreless innings as well as Sean Green and Duaner Sanchez who also had 2 ks. The big news of the day for the Mets was that now Johan Santana will not go to NY for an MRI as was originally scheduled, Mets GM Omar Minaya said he felt good during and after his bullpen and also the storm in NY had a small role in the decision. He will be checked out by Mets doctors in Port St. Lucie when they get there. The Mets are off tomorrow.

Yanks Lose Again

The Yankees lost 13-11 to the Reds today in Sarasota. It was not a day for the pitchers. Brett Gardner continued his quest for the CF job with 2 more hits, Jeter went 3-3, Tex had 2 hits and Arod had a couple of doubles. None of the Yankees pitchers are worth talking about as they all got hit around, Mark Melancon gave up a run in 1 inning but it was on a passed ball and had 2ks so i guess he did the best job. Alfredo Aceves got knocked around as well as Marte,Abaladejo,Bruney,Cox. A couple of notes from the game Jesus Montero left with a strained groin but it doesn't seem to be serious but because he is their #2 prospect and is so young im sure they will bring him along slowly. Abaladejo left when he got hit on the leg by a ball, it is just a bruise and he will be day to day. Arod met with reporters after the game and only took baseball questions then he left with Cano and Tex headed back to Tampa. He will meet with MLB investigators tonight in Tampa and then he will be in Jupiter at some point tonight to join the Dominican team tomorrow, so the Yankees and PR man Jason Zillo will get a break for a little while. A couple other notes via Peter Abraham of the Journal News and CC simulated game was canceled today because of weather and it will be tomorrow instead. Jorge was feeling better today and could DH tomorrow or if not then Tuesday. Jason Johnson was cleared to start throwing outside and will have a 35 pitch bullpen tomorrow. This is a good story as he comes back from retinal cancer, i hope he hooks on with someone if not the Yankees. Kanekoa Texiera has the flu. The Yankees will play at Houston tomorrow in Kissimee. I am sure we will hear more later on the Arod meeting but that may be all the blogging I do with the Yankees for today.

New York Mets/Houston Astros

The New York Mets take on the Houston Astros today in Port St. Lucie. Before I get to the linups and pitchers I have to talk about the other news. The Mets lost yesterday to the Tigers 7-2. Jon Niese trying to win the fifth starter job gave up two runs on two hits with two walks. Daniel Murphy played the whole game in leftfield and went 1-5. The only other big news is Johan Santana will be heading to NY tomorrow for what the team is calling a precautionary exam. There is word going around that he may not be ready for opening day but he said today he will not miss any regular season starts so we will see. He did throw in the bullpen today but only 30 pitches saying he feels fine. The key for him though is does his elbow stiffen up again after throwing the bullpen. Ok now on to the lineups and pitchers. 1. Luis Castillo(2b) 2. John Maine(P) 3.Jose Reyes(ss) 4. Carlos Delgado(1b) 5. David Wright(3b) 6. Carlos Beltran(cf) 7. Ryan Church(rf) 8. Daniel Murphy(lf) 9. Brian Schneider(c) The pitchers are John Maine starting followed by Pedro Feliciano, JJ Putz, Duaner Sanchez, Sean Green, Darren O' Day, Carolos Muniz, Nelson Figueroa, Tom Martin, Kyle Snyder, Conner Robertson. The game is on CW 11, enjoy the game Mets fans, I am actually watching it since the yankees aren't on and will be back later with more news and notes.

Yanks at Reds

The New York Yankees travel to Sarasota today to face the Cincinatti Reds. I am going to post the lineups and the pitchers but first I want to get to a few notes from yesterday. Hideki Matsui was running the bases yesterday and it is believed that he will get into a game as DH next week at some point. Joba wasn't too worried about giving up two rockets yesterday in his 1 inning. He threw 21 pitches and only three were not 4 seam fastballs. He was just working on his arm strength, you have to remember that spring training is longer this year and the pitchers don't have to go all out just yet. CC will throw a simulated game today, he already may have and make his first start on Friday. Arod was supposed to meet with the MLB investigators but that is being delayed. He will play today then head off to be with the Dominican team, maybe he will meet with them Monday or Tuesday. Jeter,Cano and Marte will also be leaving for the WBC after the game today. You have to feel bad for Big Tex who is losing his whole infield for what can be up to 3 weeks. Joe Girardi im sure will be crossing his fingers that everyone comes back in one piece. The lineups and pitchers for today are: 1. Gardner(CF) 2. Jeter(SS) 3. Tex(1b) 4. Arod(3b) 5. Cano(2b) 6. Nady(Rf) 7. J. Rodriguez(Lf) 8. Ransom(DH) 9. Cash(C) Alfredo Aceves gets the start followed by Damaso Marte, Brian Bruney, Jon Albaladejo, Christian Garcia, Mark Melancon and J.B. Cox. The game is not on TV or radio today, you can check out the Yankees lohud blog for updates or for the boxscores. I will have updates after the game. This is the last game that the big boys will be together for a while, so after today you will see more of the Ransom,Berroa, etc in the lineup daily.

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